Sustainability is important to The Woody Group. As a company, we endeavour to help make a better world every single day. We do so in various domains. To start with in the choice of materials, the high quality of the manufacturing process and the skill that goes into making almost a million pieces per year.

The Woody Group also works hard in terms of ethics. Products are manufactured at the 7000m² in-house textile plant in Düzce, Turkey. The 275 employees who manufacture our collection products are picked up every morning from home by bus to bring them to the plant. Their rights to breaks are meticulously respected, every employee is served a full meal at midday and they are bused back home at the end of the afternoon. Their wages are more than socially acceptable.

The Woody Group does its outmost to deliver high-quality products. All pyjamas go through the metal detector during the final checks to ensure no needles are left in any garment.

But at The Woody Group, sustainability is about so much more than the quality of our garments. We are dedicated to respecting people and the planet in the manufacturing and distribution of our collections. The Woody Group is committed to taking an active role in driving sustainability in the fashion industry.

We donate 10 cents from every sold pyjama to an initiative we care deeply about.
We realize that not everyone has the privilege of sleeping in warm pyjamas in a comfy bed somewhere safe and secure every night. At the Woody Group we want to work to improve this. Every time we sell a pair of Woody pyjamas The Woody Group donates 10 cents to a great initiative that we support with all our heart.

While a wide range of different initiatives receive support, The Woody Group has a particular passion for children, sleeping and animals.

For more than a quarter of a century, we have been manufacturing our garments with respect for each and every person involved in the process.

This year, The Woody Group agreed a partnership with Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), an independent organization that works with manufacturers, factories, fashion brands, NGOs and the various authorities to improve working conditions in the textile industry. This organization will scrutinize our entire manufacturing process to check that we are fully compliant with the FWF Code of Labour Practices.

This code is made up eight international labour standards: no forced labour, no child labour, no discrimination, the right to safe and healthy working conditions, freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, reasonable hours of work, the right to a legally binding employment relationship and payment of a living wage.

The Woody Group’s head office and design department is located right next to Ghent city centre. Our collections are manufactured at our own 7000m² facility in Turkey.

We source a small percentage of our manufacturing needs, around 10%, from external suppliers in China and India.  All external manufacturers are inspected by Fair Wear Foundation or have declared their willingness to be inspected.

At The Woody Group, we are conscious of the environmental impact of the fashion industry. As a Belgian company, we are committed to taking an active role in driving sustainability in the fashion industry.

This year we joined the Close-The-Loop-Traject, an initiative of Flanders DC and Vlaanderen Circulair. The aim of this platform is to encourage the fashion industry to turn their backs on a linear (take-make-waste) system in favour of the circular model, with a focus on garments with a longer life and waste avoidance.

We manufacture high-quality garments that last for years. The primary material is pure single jersey cotton, which is knitted, stitched and packaged in Turkey. The Woody collection underwear is also Oeko-Tex certified, providing a guarantee that no harmful substances are used in the manufacturing process. The Woody animal textile prints are made in Belgium with water-based inks, which are safe for both people and planet.

We have already made some improvements to limit plastic use:

  • Price labels are now printed on FSC paper.
  • We use packaging material made from recycled card wherever possible.
  • The grey Woody backpacks that often come with the purchase of pyjamas have been upgraded to a more environmentally friendly version: the new dark blue backpacks are made from recycled PET bottles.
  • The Woody underwear boxes have been upgraded to a more environmentally friendly version too.
  • We’ve replaced the plastic Woody toothbrushes that often come free with our pyjamas with ecological bamboo toothbrushes.
  • Plastic gadgets, like balloons and keyrings, that used to be given away free with the purchase of Woody pyjamas have been replaced with a 10-cent donation to charity