About us

The Woody Group is a family firm in the fashion industry with roots in Belgium and Turkey, more than 300 employees and annual turnover of 10.2 million euros. Our company has more than a quarter of a century’s experience in the design, manufacture and distribution of high-quality nightwear, bodywear, swimwear and loungewear for babies, kids and adults.

The Woody Group has three separate brands (Woody, Lords&Lilies and MANNED), each of which markets attractive, original collections for which high quality is sine qua non.

The Woody Group brands strive to market high-grade products finished to the highest quality, with a fresh look and feel and, above all, their own identity.

The Woody Group has three stores in Belgium and three stores in Istanbul. The brands are primarily sold through more than 350 multi-brand points of sale in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, as well as the company’s own online store. The Woody Group has become an established player in nightwear over recent years.

Design & production process

The creative brains behind The Woody Group collections are based in Ghent. This is where styles are drawn and designed. Once the designs have been finalized, the products are manufactured in Turkey.

This is done at The Woody Group’s own 7000m² plant. Every day, 275 production employees devote themselves to making our products.

Quality has been a key aspect of the manufacturing process ever since the company’s formation. Only high-grade materials are used, with refined details also the norm.

Upon completion of the manufacturing process the collections are sent to Belgium. New collections are displayed in the 700m² showroom. Retailers come here twice a year to see and buy in the new collections.

Woody Cares

The Woody Group realizes that not everyone has the privilege of sleeping in warm pyjamas in a comfy bed somewhere safe and secure every night.
The Woody Group wants to work to improve this. To this end, The Woody Group has reserved €25,000 to support charities and initiatives in this field.

While a wide range of different initiatives receive support, The Woody Group always cherishes the following values: children, sleep and animals. The Woody Group wishes to draw attention to this issue, both close to home and elsewhere. Through its donations The Woody Group hopes to set the right example while doing its bit.